Ring Sam

Glückskind® Sam is nestled on top of the wide ring.

Glückskind® Ring Sam
Glückskind® Ring Sam
Glückskind® Ring Sam, seitlich
Glückskind® Ring Sam, seitlich

The ring can be engraved on the inside.

Measurements and weight:
The ring is 7mm wide and 2.5 thick (more where the baby’s body is positioned).

The fees for the most common ring sizes are listed under Online shop.

Delivery time
As your ‘Glueckskind®’ ring is made individually for you, I will need about 3 weeks to craft it (excluding shipping). For an engraving please consider one additional week. These times are approximate, and you can let them know if your ‘Glueckskind®’ is required by a certain date. I might just be able to prioritise and complete it faster.

Dein Glückskind

Hier könnt ihr Sam "anfassen" und drehen - Please rotate to see each side