Engraving – personalizing your Glueckskind®


Dein GlueckskindYou can choose to add an engraving. Usually the name(s) and or date of birth. on the inside of the ring.
For example: Jonas * 23/09/12 or “In memory”.

The engraving of a ring will normaly be made at the inner side. With Jamie the available space is limited, therefore the text can be only 25 characters long. In case the ring also has a gemstone a maximum of 11 characters on each side of the stone is possible.

The Charms must be engraved at the outer side, Jamie might have space for about 30 characters, Sam about 8 characters less.

The Amulet will be engraved at the outer side at the bottom. There will be space for even to lines of letters.

The engraving is lovingly made and thus makes the ring even more distinctive.

Engraving from 30 € depending on complexity.