Glueckskind® pendant

Be the architect of your fortune!

If you visit Glueckskind® personally, you can choose a silver pendant and emboss it by yourself with letters of your choice. Maybe for you, maybe for a beloved person.

Glückskind® Anhänger Schmiede Dein Glück;

You can do that now online – and I´m your achitect of your fortune. You choose the symbol you want (heart, lucky clover or horseshoe), tell me your letters (max. three, otherwise it would be very narrow) and I emboss them for you.

I join the plates, you choose the band (white, light blue or green) and it will be delivered. If you order, it will be delivered extra gift packed.

glueckskind_anh_am Anyway you make a present to children who need this – I donate five Euro of each pendant to Stiftung Bärenherz  which cares about severly ill children.

Good luck and enjoy your pendant and be happy donating.