Precious stone

Precious Stones – the glaring extra

Dein Glueckskind ‘Glueckskind®’ Jamie is on the inside of a wide ring, charm or amulet. From the outside of the jewellery does not show its secret, yet looks simple and elegant.

Additionally ring and charm Jamie can be decorated with one or more jewels of your choice.

Charm Sam may be decorated as well at the oustside with one or more jewels.

Popular precious stones for ‘Glueckskind®’ are: Diamond (white) or Sapphire (pink or blue).

You can also choose any other gemstone in any size. Maybe you have already a gemstone which is part of your personal of families history. Please keep in mind once the Glueckskind® jewellery is put it will be taken off rarely. Therefore you need a resistant stone and Sapphire and Diamond are the most resistant stones. If you choose another stone, it may be that the polished surface suffer.

Measurements and weight:

Sapphire (blue or pink are possible) ø 3 mm, round, faceted (brilliant cut).
Brilliant-cut diamonds, from approximately ø 2 mm , faceted (brilliant cut).
The picture shows a diamond, 0,10ct, ø 3 mm.


Safir blue / pink from 25, – €
Brilliant ø 2 mm from 55, – €
Brilliant ø 3 mm from 195, – €
plus cost for setting the stone 35, – €
Prices of other gemstones on request.