In memory

In memory…

“Those who can hear butterflies laughing, know how clouds taste” Novalis (* 2. Mai 1772; † 25. März 1801)

The ‘Glueckskind®’ rings can be a way to express our precious memories of a baby who is no alive today. Some babies were stillborn, died during or shortly after birth or through abortion. Whichever tragical circumstance, these babies are never forgotten. Some people find it comforting to have something physical to remember the baby by, particularly if there hasn’t been a wake or a grave.

Should you have had this experience, then I would like to assure you of my sincere sympathy.

I would like to tell you the story, how the addition of “in memory” came about.

I had a customer in my workshop, who noticed the “Glueckskind®’ rings and suddenly started to cry. She then told me that she had lost a baby a long time ago, and that she has been trying to reach a connection with her baby ever since. She asked to try out ring ‘Jamie“ – which happened to fit perfectly on her finger. Her feedback was that the ring helped her to reach the connection with her late child she had been looking for all these years. She didn’t really want to take the ring off anymore, but did so to get a Stone set and an engraving added. Her tears dried off and happiness emerged. I was quite perplexed at the deep and complex emotions the ring evoked.

I would be very happy should Jamie or Sam allow you the emotional connection you might have been looking for. I can also add an engraving of a star, to symbolise the sky or heaven your child might have gone to. Obviously you don’t have to share your personal story with me if you don’t wish to.

This is how my customer added a whole new meaning to the rings, which I hadn’t even intended at the beginning of the “Glueckskind®’ journey.