Glueckskind® is made of 100% recycled precious metals

Glückskind® Nachhaltigkeit für unsere Kinder
Sustainability for our kids

… and are made in Germany.

Where does the gold and silver for the your ‘Glueckskind®’ rings come from? I can’t provide proof in form of a certificate just yet, but the issue of sustainability and upcycling is very important to me. Jewellery on the subject of babies should in my opinion always be sustainable.

Herefore I make a promise:
All ‘Glueckskind®’ rings are made of 100% recycled precious metals.

The metal refineries with whom I work have set themselves high ecological standards, so that the manufacturing process of the precious metal itself does not impact the environment. All companies I work with are based in Germany and are subject to German law.

I’m happy to provide further information on this subject if requested.

If you would like a ring made from your own gold or silver, please contact me.