Frequently asked questions:

Doesn’t Jamie (Baby inside) feel odd while wearing?
No it doesn’t, and you are welcome to try it out. While you can feel the baby, it feels smoothly, and there is no rough or uncomfortable sensation. Of course, nothing beats first hand experience, therefore I offer to send you a brass ring model of Jamie in your size for a nominal fee of 25 € and 50€ deposit. Should you decide to go ahead with the purchase this fee will be credited.

Could the rings also be partner or wedding rings?
Yes! Especially Jamie (Baby inside) lends itself to this purpose. You can also combine Sam and Jamie, or Jamie and an identical looking ring without baby inside. Feel yourself invited to tell me your personal ideas, I will calculate an individual offer.

You expect twins – Can you also have two babies on or in the ring?
Yes, you can. Please tell me the alloy you would like and I will quote you the additional cost, due to the added weight of the additional baby and the more complex work.

You can’t decide: Sam or Jamie? – Could you have both babies in one ring?
Yes, you can. Please tell me the alloy you would like and I will quote you the additional cost, due to the added weight and the more complex work.

Payment methods?
You can arrange an electronic transfer (advance payment) or pay in cash if you would like to pick up your ‘Glueckskind®’ personally.

How long does it take until you get the answer to your question?
I will usually reply within one to two business days – but I’m only human 🙂

Is your order binding even without an answer?
No, it isn’t. A legally binding contract comes into existence through my order confirmation (not something I thought up – it is defined in the laws for e-commerce to protect you as a consumer). I will try to send off the order confirmation as quickly as possible.

How long does it take untill you get your ‘Glueckskind®’?
As your ‘Glueckskind®’ ring is made individually for you, I will need about 3 weeks to craft it (excluding shipping). For an engraving or a gemstone please also consider one additional week each. These times are approximate, and you can let them know if your ‘Glueckskind’ is required by a certain date. I might just be able to prioritise and complete it faster.

How do you get your ‘Glueckskind®’?
I can either send your ‘Glueckskind®’ via insured shipping (registered mail), or you pick it up personally in my workshop.

How much is the shipping cost?
Normally the shipping costs € 6,90 within Germany. Orders above € 300 will be free of shipping costs within Germany.

Can you accompany your ‘Glueckskind®’ during its development?
If you like you can make an appointment and visit me and your ‘Glueckskind®’ in my workshop.

Why are all ‘Glueckskind®’ male?
Well, they aren’t actually. You probably know a Samantha and maybe you have even seen a movie with Jamie Lee Curtis.

Why are all ‘Glueckskind®’ female?
Well, they aren’t actually. You probably know a Samuel and maybe you have even tried a recipe by Jamie Oliver.

How long for can you return the ring?
As all rings are individually manufactured for each customer, unfortunately they can not be returned. I will of course reimburse any gift vouchers, should you not wish to use them.

What about the ring size of Jamie (Baby inside)?
Since the baby is on the inside, it can be slightly more difficult to determine the size. And because your ‘Glueckskind®’ is made especially for you,  it should fit just perfectly too. Therefore I will send you one up to three brass models close to your usual ring size. You will try them on and let me know which size fits better and return  the models to me. This incurs a fee of € 25 – and the amount will of course be credited on the final order. Additional I charge € 50 deposit for each ring, which will be given back after getting the rings back.

Can be adapted to the rings in size?
Depending on model and extras I can change the ring a bit in size. However, this can be time-consuming and expensive. Should you be unsure of your size, then I recommend that you first order the ring without any extras and try it on. While this way will take a little longer and there will be delivery charges, you will be sure of the size and your ring will fit perfectly.

Where are Terms and Conditions and withdrawal?
Here: Terms and conditions and here: withdrawal.